A gold and 3 silvers at this year's Veggie Awards!

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Bettyhula Excels at The Veggie Awards 2023: Embracing Vegan Excellence 🌱

We're really happy to tell you that Bettyhula has been honoured in The Veggie Awards 2023, underscoring our commitment to vegan, natural, and cruelty-free skincare. Our products have been recognized with both Gold and Silver awards in two key categories.

Gold Winner: Champagne & Spice Body Scrub 🏆

In the Vegan Bodycare category, the Champagne & Spice Body Scrub stands out for its commitment to cruelty-free luxury.

Silver Winners: Vegan Skincare and Bodycare 🥈

  1. Rum & Blackcurrant Dusting Powder: Awarded Silver in Vegan Bodycare, our dusting powder adds a touch of paradise to your skincare routine.

  2. Lime & Mango Dry Powder Hand Soap: Securing Silver in Vegan Skincare, the Lime & Mango Dry Powder Hand Soap offers a burst of tropical freshness.

  3. Champagne & Spice Dusting Powder: Another Silver triumph in Vegan Skincare, our dusting powder captivates with its musky, spicy allure.

Committed to Vegan Beauty 🌿🌍

At Bettyhula, we're dedicated to formulating products that embody ethical skincare. Our vegan products use the power of plant nature, delivering cruelty-free indulgence without compromise.

Thanks and Celebration 🎉

We extend our thanks to The Veggie Awards and our community for celebrating our dedication to vegan beauty. Join us in celebrating with 23% discount on all our winning products throughout Veganuary. The code to use is VEGGIE23

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, thank you for being part of the Bettyhula journey.

Here's to cruelty-free beauty and a greener future! 🌱✨

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