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Pampering massage candle

So what is a massage candle? This Valentine's Day, or any other special day, transcend traditional gifts and treat your loved one to an exquisite,...

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A gold and 3 silvers at this year's Veggie Awards!

Bettyhula Excels at The Veggie Awards 2023: Embracing Vegan Excellence 🌱 We're really happy to tell you that Bettyhula has been honoured in The Veggie Awards 2023,...

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eco-friendly soap sustainable vegan friendly

Yes, it's soap !

Our Dry soap powder cuts back on waste due to being lighter and in a concentrated powdered form which not only helps the environment but also...

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cancer dusting powder talc talcum powder

The hidden dangers of talc

In our pursuit of beauty and personal care, we often turn to everyday products that promise freshness, comfort, and convenience. However, there is a hidden...

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dusting powder eco-friendly sustainable talc vegan friendly

Let's talk chafing!

The Chafing Chronicles: Understanding, Preventing, and Conquering Discomfort with Dusting Powder Introduction: Ah, summer—the season of endless sunshine, outdoor adventures, and, unfortunately, the potential for...

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3 Wins in its first year!

We could blow our trumpet about our Secret Wonder Balm, about how its made from our best selling Secret Wonder Oil plus Mango Butter, Coconut...

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Sugarcane bio-plastic tubes

Bettyhula’s eco-conscious sugarcane tubes help reduce the C02 impact in the environment, and are fully recyclable. Our tubes are made from a renewable resource with sustainably-sourced sugarcane. ...

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So what is dusting powder?

JOIN BETTY'S TALC-FREE REVOLUTION. With 100% natural plant based (talc-free) ingredients of course! You'll probably remember a Granny or an Aunt having a bowl of...

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